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June 1 2009
Obama Sets New Course for Gubmint Motors (freep.com)
Seven reasons GM is headed to bankruptcy  (usatoday.com)
Geithner Tells China U.S. Will Tackle Budget Deficit  (Bloomberg.com)
10 Part-Time Business Ideas (businessweek.com)
After crash, has twilight come to the Sun Belt? (AP)
Recession likely to change credit card habits (sfgate.com)
Once a Key to Recovery, Detroit Adds to the Pain (NYTimes.com)
Downturn's silver lining: a saner approach to money and retirement
Economic downturn won't keep boaters off water (floridatoday.com)
Slumping Economy Puts Test to an Aid System Tied to Jobs (nytimes.com)
In milk downturn, whole farms just skim by in Pa. (bellinghamherald.com)

NOTE: The above is a mini-edition - It's all I had time for due to a
whole bunch of stuff(some bad, some good) that happened over the
weekend.  Time-wise, I'm getting my arse kicked.  I'm going to try
and adapt by switching to an evening update schedule instead of early am.  We'll see how that works out.  - Soeren

May 29 2009  ("Quickie"/hack-job edition - short on time this AM)
GM says bondholder panel supports sweetened offer (AP/Yahoo.com)
Vauxhall and Opel rescue in chaos over GM demand for extra state aid
Single-Regulator Plan for Banks Now Close (online.wsj.com)
Stocks, Oil, Metals Rise as World Recession Eases; Dollar Drops
Signs show recession is easing, but threats loom (AP)
Oil Is Plentiful, Demand Weak. Why Are Gas Prices Going Up? (Time)
Chrysler's Bankruptcy: The Struggle to Re-Emerge (foxbusiness.com)
Foreclosure woes mount for those with good credit (AP/Yahoo.com)
Mortgage delinquencies hit record high in Q1 (AP/Yahoo.com)
U.S. minimum wage hike a stimulus to economy: report (Reuters.com)
Initial jobless claims drop unexpectedly (AP/Yahoo.com)
From Bangkok to Berlin, Hard Times Hit the Sex Trade (Time/Yahoo)
Recession taking toll on nonprofits' coffers (sfgate.com)
Recession Leaves Many Children Uninsured (cbsnews.com)
Eureka! Recession Sparks Inventive Spirit (abcnews.go.com)
U.S. Pet Care Industry continues to thrive (moneymorning.com)

Note: The above is a "rush-job" and not of the usual size and quality I strive to put out - unexpected late evening phone call has thrown my schedule for a loop.  I'll update things and try and add more content this evening, and will
try to put out a full-blown weekend edition for my readers, to make up
for it.  - Soeren

May 28 2009
GM bankruptcy 'all but inevitable' (Freep.com)
Fed would serve as risk regulator under Obama plan (AP/Yahoo.com)
Geithner Says Economy Stabilizing, at ‘Beginning’ of Recovery
GE CEO Immelt says worst is over for economy (Reuters.com)
U.S. economy has stepped back from brink: Obama (Reuters.com)
Stocks On Edge As Investors Mull Economy (Forbes.com)
The Tough Road Ahead for GM and Chrysler (BusinessWeek.com)
Chrysler’s Nardelli Tells Judge Fiat Sale Is Best Deal for All (Bloomberg)
New Airline Offers Fares as low as $9 (AP/Yahoo.com)
Recession not slowing down McDonald's (chicagotribune.com)
IT Shops Still Spending Despite Downturn (redmondmag.com)
Airline downturn takes heavy toll on pilot recruiting (SmartBrief.com)
Sharper Drop Is Forecast for Factory Production (online.wsj.com)
Downturn has many opening franchises (news-journalonline.com)
Economy isn't slowing Apple's building plans (usatoday.com)
'Good' news: Crummy economy means less traffic (sfgate.com)
Small businesses trump economy in niche markets (tmcnet.com)
Ditching the Job Fair for a Venting Opportunity (online.wsj.com)
The New Résumé: Dumb and Dumber (online.wsj.com)
(MI) Jobless rate among African Americans to hit 27.8% (Freep.com)
Uninsured face avalanche of US health costs (Reuters.com)
(NY) At Circus Job Fair, No Thrill Seekers Needed (NYTimes.com)
(TN) State plans to eliminate 1,400 jobs by next year (tennessean.com)
(CA) Foreclosure Crisis Hits Poor Renters Hard (alternet.org)
(MN) The big Twin Cities foreclosure flood (finance-commerce.com)

May 27 2009
GM bond deadline passes, bankruptcy seen near (Reuters.com)
GM bondholders reject offer (money.cnn.com)
Ford CEO sees bright future for his auto company (komonews.com)
Economists: Recession to end in 2009 (money.cnn.com)
U.S. economy at risk of double-dip recession (Reuters.com)
US Stocks Up; Consumer Confidence Spurs Broad Gains (wsj.com)
U.S. Economy: Consumer Confidence Jumps by Most in Six Years
Is the Consumer Confidence Index an Indicator of Future Spending?
Global dead-cat bounce, or something more? (AP/Forbes.com)
The global economy needs the US glutton to crawl back to the table
Fed's Next Task: Reeling In Lifelines (washingtonpost.com)
When will the Dick Cheney legacy tour discuss the economic downturn he oversaw? (examiner.com)
(NY) Would Gay Marriage Help the State Economy? (NYTimes.com)
(CA) Governor proposes deep cuts, with more to come (sfgate.com)
Recession suffocates global mergers and acquisitions activity (Reuters.com)
US Drug War Guarantees Drug Traffickers' Profits Recession-Proof (AP)
Is Your Home A Good Investment? (online.wsj.com)
From Russia With Love: Facebook Lands $200 Million (Business Week)
Broadway posts record takings despite recession (Reuters.com)
What Will $400,000 Buy Today? (75 of these, apparently!;-) (Yahoo.com)
Restaurants cross lines as they struggle through recession (usatoday.com)
(Lawn Guyland) High school students pinch prom pennies (Newsday.com)
(VA) Economy taking a toll on dairy farms (thefranklinnewspost.com)
Small Electronics Chains Thrive in Downturn (online.wsj.com)
Housing Is Not Just Bad, It’s Getting Worse (247wallst.com)
Indiana’s Amish, laid off from RV factories, return to their plows

May 26 2009
GM: Using Taxpayer Dollars To Put Taxpayers Out Of Work (Time.com)
Laid off? You'll likely never make as much (chicagotribune.com)
Early retirement claims increase dramatically (LATimes.com)
Laid-off workers start own businesses (sfgate.com)
Recession prompts fear of economic collapse, spurs breed of 'suburban survivalists' (duluthnewstribune.com)
Recession suddenly humbles high-tech sector (AP)
U.S. Downturn Drives Immigrant Professionals Back Home
Truck stop businesses hurt by recession too (chicagotribune.com)
White-collar crime strikes often in times of recession (bizjournals.com)
Brazen Careerist: Honesty Not Always Best Policy (jobjournal.com)
Recession is giving inventors time to fine-tune their ideas (LATimes.com)
Some inventions born amid recession (LATimes.com)
Despite recession concert business appears thriving (nwsource.com)
Survey: Recession clips angel investments (bizjournals.com)
Surge in FL child slayings may be due to recession  (palmbeachpost.com)
(FL)"This recession is like a hurricane." (For Blacks) (sun-sentinel.com)
College grads are moving back home with Mom and Dad (bijournals.com)
Governments pay more burial costs in bad economy (AP)
Recession taught important lessons about money and retirement (sltrib.com)
Downturn has Americans downsizing their spending (kansascity.com)
Job Losses Push Safer Mortgages to Foreclosure (NYTimes.com)
Space Coast economy uncertain as shuttle shuts down (miamiherald.com)
Demand for temps plummets as downturn wears on (bizjournals.com)
As Revenue Slips, Resort Owners and Operators Square Off (NY Times)
Humane Society Worried About Recession (lasvegasnow.com)
Layoffs exact emotional cost from employers saying goodbye (postbulletin.com)
5 Ways to Ease the Pain of Layoffs (alibaba.com)
Family's foreclosure auction 'bargain' pays off (cnn.com)
Amid Housing Bust, Phoenix Begins a New Frenzy (NYTimes.com)
When it's time for residents to leave foreclosed homes, deputies show up

May 22 2009
Gov't Motors Acceptance Corporation gets $7.5b  bailout (cnn.com)
Florida bank collapses - firms swoop in (money.cnn.com)
Group says New England job losses to mount (AP)
Unemployment, Debt Worries Weigh On Street (Forbes.com)
$60 Oil May Keep "Super-Spike" at Bay (money.cnn.com)
U.S. Stock Futures Decline on Jobless Claims, Greenspan Warning
Fed Unconvinced Economy’s ‘Stabilization’ to Persist (Bloomberg.com)
Feds to give $50M stimulus to train laid-off autoworkers (bizjournals.com)
Is the U.S. Dollar Headed for a Mighty Crash? (SeekingAlpha.com)
Libor Has Biggest Weekly Drop This Year as Banks Grow Less Wary
MasterCard Said to Lose Users After JPMorgan Shift (Bloomberg.com)
Detroit Three's survival report card (money.cnn.com)
What Downturn? Rolls-Royce Is Hiring (NYTimes.com blog)
Tweeting Your Way to a Job (NYTimes.com)
Recession turns US malls into ghost towns (theaustralian.news.com.au)
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping (foxnews.com)
(NY) Gov signs bill extending unemployment 13 weeks (nydailynews.com)
Recession cools off Hamptons as hot getaway spot (cnn.com)
Some sectors up in down economy (memphis.bizjournals.com)
Domestic Violence "Epidemic" as Economic Stress Takes Toll (Chron.com)
Rural bankers see improvements in Midwest economy (KansasCity.com)
SC unemployment rate hits record 11.5 percent for April (cnbc.com)
Out-of-work pilots take to the streets seeking new jobs (nwsource.com)
Baby-sitters find work is scarce in recession (chicagotribune.com)
Jobless claims: It's still tough out there (money.cnn.com)
(NJ) U.S. state seeks laid-off traders to teach math (Reuters.com)

May 21 2009
China Becomes More Choosy in Buying U.S. Debt (NYTimes.com)
Stocks slink to sour finish (money.cnn.com)
Big changes in store for US credit cardholders (AP/Yahoo.com)
GMAC Said to Get More Than $7 Billion for Chrysler, GM Lending
Chrysler Names Kidder Chairman of New Auto Company (Bloomberg)
Chrysler Sales Top Industry’s Pace as Bargains Trump Bankruptcy
Greed, Bankruptcy, and the Super Rich (TheAtlantic.com)
U.S. Must Keep Unemployment a Temporary Condition for Most (WSJ)
NY gov. predicts $6B budget deficit next year (AP/Newsday.com)
California budget nightmare (money.cnn.com)
Cash-strapped California considers selling state landmarks (Reuters video)
The Recession’s Next Victim: Vacation (blogs.wsj.com)
Survey: Doctors say recession lowers patient volume (bizjournals.com)
Cattle rustling on the rise as U.S. recession bites (Reuters.com)
Economist Says South Dakota Economy Is Strong (keloland.com)
Good Gardening in a Bad Economy (article and video) (mync.com)
Paying for college in an economic downturn (fox28.com)
Foreclosed Homes More Appealing to Young Buyers (blogs.wsj.com)
(MI) State jobless rate at 12.9%  (lansingstatejournal.com)
(IL) Chrysler to lay off 992 in Belvidere (thestate.com)

May 20 2009
General Motors Says Opel Unit Attracted Three Bids (Bloomberg.com)
Oil trades at 6-month high above $60 (cnn.com)
US mortgage applications up as interest rates drop (Reuters.com)
Senate passes bill forcing lenders to spell out everything (nydailynews.com)
Home Builder Toll Brothers 2Q Revenue Drops 51% (Bloomberg.com)
Recession: Living Sicker, Dying Younger (kgoam810.com)
Recession threatens special needs animals (ChicagoTribune.com)
New Orleans asks: What recession? (SunTimes.com)
Recession leads cooks outdoors to the grill (ChicagoTribune.com)
Canada's recession: deep but short (<--<<interesting) (source: Bloomberg)
Traffic Congestion Dips As Economy Plunges (WashingtonPost.com)
TV stations share the air in bid to weather economy (Boston.com)
Downturn drives Web domain name auction (bostonherald.com)
(KS) Unemployment benefits extended for p/t workers in training programs
Teens scale back on cost as they step out for prom (msnbc.msn.com)
Unemployment: WA unchanged, MO  and SD improve (various)
(CA) Inland Empire Unemployment to rise to 16% by mid `10 (PE.com)
Tumbling down the incline (HuffingtonPost.com)
Feds say Mo. could be ineligible for jobless funds (newstribune.com)
Activist Financier 'Terrorizes' Bankers in Foreclosure Fight (wsj.com)
Investors Pounce on Distressed Homes (wsj.com)
Out of jail and into the work force (baltimoresun.com)

May 19 2009
Housing construction, permits hit record lows (AP/Yahoo.com)
Struggling U.S. cities scramble to resurrect 'ghost malls' (Yahoo video)
American Express to cut 4,000 jobs (Reuters/Yahoo.com)
Ford Rejects Big Cuts in Dealer Network (NYTimes.com)
Chrysler dealers prepare legal fight (Freep.com)
These cars have got to go: Dealer cuts mean deals (AP/Yahoo.com)
TREASURIES-Prices fall as economy hopes raise risk appetite (Reuters)
Congress gives final OK to mortgage fraud bill (Reuters.com)
Health Overhaul's Bill: New Taxes (online.wsj.com)
Credit card reforms up for Senate vote (AP)
Applied Materials says U.S. economy still declining (Reuters.com)
Home Depot Profit Rises on Fewer Charges (online.wsj.com)
Navajos too poor to be hard hit by recession (tulsaworld.com)
Recession to cut North American summer electric use (Reuters.com)
More Abortions in a Recession (parenting.blogs.nytimes.com)
Why Startups Get A Free Pass During A Recession (bmighty.com)
DVD downturn panics film industry (LATimes.com)
Jobless residents give back through Habitat for Humanity (wzzm13.com)
Opened Door: Layoff turns into fulfilling new career (journalnow.com)
'I need a job' wristbands selling like crazy (Freep/MansfieldNewsJournal)
Hike in shaken baby cases blamed on economy (wickedlocal.com)
(NV) Bill seeks to slow rate of home foreclosures (AP/MercuryNews.com)
The Ugly Truth About Loan Modifications (thechicago77.com)
Bankruptcy may end second mortgage woes (bankrate.com)
New York squatters become legal residents (UPI.com)

May 18 2009
Thriving Norway Provides an Economics Lesson  (NYTimes.com)
Shunned Chrysler dealers have only weeks to sell vehicles (AP/Yahoo)
U.S. budget chief says signs of economic free-fall over (Reuters/Yahoo)
Tracking the recession: Cracking down on pension middlemen(stateline.org)
The recession's tiniest victims need help, too  (usatoday op-ed)
Recession threatens U.S. progress in child wellbeing (reuters.com)
Family vacations take a hit in the recession (AP/BaltimoreSun.com)
Whatever You Call It, This Rally May Not Last  (NYTimes.com)
(VA) Recession Hits Valley Manufacturing Hard (dnronline.com)
Hotel crime rises in recession,  but hotels say they're still safe (usatoday)
Recession has consumers making repairs (AP/Syracuse.com)
Gas prices up 25 cents since May 1 (bizjournals.com)
Economy Rattles Race for Governor of California (NYTimes.com)
(WY) Rawlins prison hires more guards in weak economy (AP/Chi Trib)
Private jets shunned in downturn (watoday.com.au)
(NC) Recession sends folks back to the garden (mcdowellnews.com)
(TX) Church gives fresh meaning to 'offering' plate (cnn.com)
Summer Camps Charging $9,000 a Camper Sold Out (abcnews.go.com)
Mothers find at-home work to be the best option (McClatchy/Vindy.com)
Jobless, disaffected try working for themselves (news-press.com)
Economic downturn keeps many 'repo men' in business (Yahoo video)
Can You Afford to Buy (a home)? (Yahoo.com)
(KS) Fake Text Message Targets the Unemployed (kansascw.com)
Laid-off state analysts find new jobs working for old boss (burlingtonfreepress.com)
(VA)Laid-off religious workers denied jobless benefits(hamptonroads.com)
House-Price Drops Leave More Underwater (WSJ/Yahoo.com)
Gainfully employed - Observations on blogging ;-) (newstatesman.com)

                                Bonus Weekend Edition
More auto cuts: GM will eliminate 1,100 US dealers (AP/Yahoo.com)
Some Chrysler dealers to try other ways to stay in business (Freep.com)
As dealerships vanish, crisis hits home (delawareonline.com)
Despite downturn, these cars are still selling (msnbc,com)
Fed view that deflation risk easing helped by CPI data (Reuters.com)
Insurers embrace TARP infusion (Chron.com)
CFO survey: Recession will continue through 2009 (bizjournals.com)
Fifteen Cheap Countries To See In The Recession (Forbes.com)
How Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, VCs are surviving the downturn
U.S. Economy Is No Longer in ‘Freefall,’ Summers Says (Bloomberg.com)
(HI) Deeper downturn seen for tourism (mauinews.com)
The Economy Intrudes on a Haven of Faith (NYTimes.com)
Life sciences injects $75 billion in Texas economy (bizjournals.com)
(MI) State economy faces dire future, lawmakers told (Freep.com)
Califorina hedge fund manager arrested (AP/Yahoo.com)
Hot in recession: Cheaper wine, chocolate, Spam (AP/Yahoo.com)
How the GM shutdowns will affect you (Yahoo video)
The Best Cities for Riding Out a Recession (pictorial) (BusinessWeek.com)
Recession's star rises in Hollywood (sfgate.com)
(OR) Is this recession Oregon's worst? (statesmanjournal/com)

May 15 2009
GM dealers expect word on plans to cut 1,100 shops (AP/Yahoo.com)
House votes $97 billion war funds, despite doubts ("Change"??) (AP)
China's yuan 'set to usurp US dollar' as world's reserve currency (telegraph.co.uk)
Downturn to drive shakeout in US auto sector-study (uk.reuters.com)
44,000 New Chryslers at Fire-Sale Prices? (freep.com)
Prudential Among Insurers Cleared for U.S. Bailout (Bloomberg.com)
Some insurers may not accept TARP funding: KBW (Reuters.com)
Jobless claims jump to 637K; producer prices rise (AP/Yahoo.com)
(CA) Governor' budget cuts schools, borrows billions (sfgate.com)
Wal-Mart posts flat net, forecasts in-line results (Reuters.com)
Chrysler moves to eliminate 789 of 3,200 dealers (AP/Yahoo.com)
Jobless Claims Increase on Impact From Chrysler (Bloomberg.com)
U.S. lawmakers may help dealers cut by Chrysler, GM (Reuters.com)
Obama urges Congress to act on credit card bill (AP/Yahoo.com)
What Social Security's Underfunding Means for Your Retirement (usnews)
Chrysler Dealer Closings Add To Commercial Property Woes (wsj.com)
Anatomy of an economic meltdown (dailymail.com)
New programs help homeowners, but are too late for some(nwsource.com)
Web-hosting firms defy recession (networkworld.com)
Will free Viagra boost the economy? (;-p) (dailyfinance.com)
Video game industry sales drop 17% in April (LATimes.com)
What recession? Broadway ignores economic downturn (Reuters.com)
Recession Slows Migration From Mexico (pictorial) (NYTimes.com)
(AL) Regions Charity nearly capsizes in wave of recession (al.com)
(AK) Recession legacies (<---<<short, enjoyable little read ) (adn.com)
The Economy Is Going to the Dogs, So Cut Your Costs (washingtonpost.com)

May 14 2009
SEC may charge Countrywide's Mozilo (money.cnn.com)
GM, Chrysler to cut up to 3,000 dealers: sources (Reuters/Yahoo.com)
Ford walks tightrope amid industry downturn (Reuters.com)
Billions Withdrawn Before Madoff Arrest (NYTimes.com)
Paulson gave banks no choice on government stakes: memos (Reuters.com)
Never-Ending Government Lies About Markets (Mises.org)
The rich get richer on Wall Street (money.cnn.com)
Stocks slide as Wall Street rediscovers recession (usatoday.com blog)
Wall Street falls as economic angst resurfaces (Reuters/Yahoo.com)
Why the Economy's Recovery Is Not a Certainty  (Time.com)
Treasury asks for control of derivatives market (AP/Yahoo.com)
U.S. banking crisis may last until 2013: S&P (Reuters/Yahoo.com)
US Lawmakers Question Secrecy, Plans At AIG (DowJones/cnn.com)
RealtyTrac: April foreclosures rise 32 percent (AP/Yahoo.com)
California planning state properties sale: report (Reuters.com)
As trucking goes, so goes the economy (AP)
Will a bumper sticker rèsumè get you noticed? (Yahoo video)
‘Good Bad’ Economy Inspires Consumers as Slump Eases (Bloomberg)
(RI) Providence mayor wants to tax college students (AP/Yahoo.com)
Retail sales dip raises worries about recovery (AP/Yahoo.com)
Pilot of crashed plane earned a whopping $16k a year (NYtimes.com)
Other genres ignore it, but country taps recession (AP)
Personal Training, Recession-Style (nbcchicago.com)
Handheld Video-Game Consoles Appear Recession Proof  (informationweek.com)
Portable-gaming recession-buster: The Retro Mini (cnet.com)
Recession forces Americans to save, but will it last? (northwestern.edu)
Resurgence in vinyl helps record store in recession (northwestern.edu)
Entrepreneurs launched more businesses in 2008 than in 2007
How To Recession Proof Your Life  (cynical/funny) (dailycal.org)

May 13 2009
The Real Problem with Credit Cards: The Cardholders (Time.com)
Social Security and Medicare finances worsen (AP/Yahoo.com)
Populist Bandwagon Set to Roll Over Credit Card Industry (Yahoo video)
Higher Taxes Coming, Just Like Obama Promised (Yahoo video)
Report: GM to Sell Chinese Cars in U.S. in 2011 (Fox News)
Road Trips to Rebound As Summer Kicks Off (online.wsj.com)
CFOs forecast recession into 2010, study shows (Reuters.com)
NY-NJ agency blames recession for low port traffic (Newsday.com)
Foreclosures: 'April was a shocker' (money.cnn.com)
Oil Tops $60, Defying Recession (online.wsj.com)
Freddie Mac needs another $6.1B in aid (money.cnn.com)
Tax health care to pay for health care? (AP)
Albany Moves to Enable Extended Jobless Benefits (NYTimes.com)
Eminem gets jobless auto workers into Kimmel show in L.A.(detnews.com)
Economist: Mich. jobless rate may rise to 20 percent (livingstondaily.com)
(AL) Continental auto plant to lay off 377 (al.com)
Obama plan could cut half of domestic off-shore oil, gas production
(IL) Loyola University Health System cuts 443 jobs (suntimes.com)
Businessmen cope with tough times (southtownstar.com)
Report: Pending sales make of half of home inventory (bizjournals.com)
Foreclosure Filings Level Off, Still Set Monthly Record (Washington Post)
Bombs Found at Foreclosed Home (nbclosangeles.com)
Victoria Gotti losing her $4.2 million Long Island mansion (examiner.com)

May 12 2009
GM shares tumble to lowest level since depression (AP/Yahoo.com)
Home Prices in U.S. Drop Most on Record in Quarter (Bloomberg.com)
US to borrow 46 cents for every dollar spent (AP/Yahoo.com)
U.S. Trade Deficit Widens First Time in Eight Months (Bloomberg.com)
Ford to sell 300 million common shares (Reuters/Yahoo.com)
Dodd: 'Growing Appetite' In US Senate To Cap Interest Rates (wsj.com)
.U.S. stimulus to save 3.5 million jobs by end 2010: official (Reuters)
Median home prices fell nationwide in 1Q (AP/Yahoo.com)
Chrysler's sorry state revealed (money.cnn.com)
Deficits soar even with rosy assumptions in Obama budget (McClatchydc)
Bleak Forcast Expected for Social Security, Medicare Funds (AP/Yahoo)
U.S. Recession May Be Over, Barclays’ Knapp Says (Bloomberg.com)
Wall Street's rally hits a wall (money.cnn.com)
Oil hovers below $59 on signs recession easing (AP)
U.S. Jobs Index Decreased Less in April, Signaling Fewer Cuts (Bloomberg.com)
Paul Krugman Says Rapid Recovery ‘Extremely Unlikely’ (Bloomberg)
Is the worst of the economic downturn over? (news.cnn.com)
Top senators reach a compromise on credit card reform bill (LA Times)
Goldman Sachs settles subprime case for $60M (money.cnn.com)
Schott Solar opens plant despite downturn (news.cnet.com)
Recession gives small colleges an economics lesson (AP)
New York City To Start Charging Rent At Homeless Shelters (AHN)
Recession adds to caregivers’ pressures (Orlando Sentinal/Kansascity.com)
Tattoos remain a must-have accessory, even in recession (csmonitor.com)
In Toledo, Downturn Empties Offices (washingtonpost.com)
Economy forces scaleback of Gulf casino plans (AP/Forbes.com)
Graduates face hard times in soft economy (goerie.com)
(CA) Oakland Resident Squats Bank-Owned Home (beyondchron.org)
Bartering is back as many pinch pennies in struggling economy (wndu.com)
(NC) Dell work force reduction totals 260 (bizjournals.com)
Jobless Benefits Are Keeping Many Laid-off Workers on the Sidelines
(AL) BFGoodrich recalling laid-off workers (tuscaloosanews.com)

May 11 2009  Cancelled.  Back to normal tomorrow!  (How come?)

May 8 2009
Stress tests find 10 big banks need $75B more (AP/Yahoo.com)
NY Fed chair resigns amid stock purchase questions (Reuters/Yahoo)
To survive year, GM says it needs $11.6 billion in aid (freep.com)
Slow jobless recovery awaits U.S. economy (Reuters.com)
Layoffs might ease, but firms in no mood to hire (AP?Yahoo.com)
Feeling better about the economy? Not so fast (chicagotribune.com)
Globe publisher talks about newspaper's prospects (Boston.com)
Recession, patriotism boost National Guard numbers (usatoday.com)
Subprime FHA lending continues? (craigslist.org)
Scam telemarketing calls ring off the hook during recession (usatoday.com)
More cell phone users dropping landlines (AP)
Confirming recession, NC tax receipts plunge 40% (bizjournals.com)
Recession 'entertainment' may beget new baby boom (usatoday.com)
(MO) West County retail centers thriving amid recession (stltoday.com)
Consumer borrowing plummets at fastest pace in 18 yrs (journalgazette.net)
Downturn creating opportunity for women, funds' CEO says (fosters.com)
Out of Work in Finance, They Turn to Teaching (NYTimes.com)
Older workers embracing career change (southtownstar.com)
(MA) Sam’s Club in Plymouth closes abruptly, throwing 114 out of work
(CA) Another recession-related killing? (sacbee.com)
(WV) Severstal to Lay Off 1,900 at Wheeling Plant (wtrf.com)
(NY) Hundreds of New Process Gear workers being laid off (9wsyr.com)
Man told detectives he sold meth because he was out of work (azfamily.com)
Wells Fargo cuts 548 jobs in North Carolina (tradingmarkets.com)
Despite falling prices, homeownership out of reach for many (santacruzsentinel.com)
Foreclosure guru hit with $3.2 million penalty (seattlepi.com)
Bill would give tenants rights when property gets foreclosed (nydailynews.com)

May 7 2009
White House: Obama seeks hike in domestic spending (AP/Yahoo.com)
G.M. Posts a Quarterly Loss of $6 Billion (NYTimes.com)
GM eyes Fiat Auto stake  (NYTimes/Reuters)
Bank of America Leads List of U.S. Banks Needing Capital (Bloomberg)
Stress test leaks suggest banks still threaten economy (McClatchy/MiamiHerald.com)
Taleb: Global Financial Crisis ‘Vastly Worse’ Than 1930s (Bloomberg)
Pentagon to create 20,000 jobs to manage arms buys (Reuters/Yahoo)
Obama plans cuts totaling $17 billion (me: "BFD" and "BS") (Philly.com)
How to Interpret the Bank Stress Tests (HuffingtonPost.com)
Microsoft's Ballmer Says Economy 'Really Bad' (online.wsj.com)
Even fake news struggles: The Onion ends some print editions (yahoo vid)
Duke Nukem developer 3D Realms goes bust (news.bbc.co.uk)
(PA) Another mini-Madoff busted (my title) (Philly.com)
Experts believe end of recession is near (McClatchy.MiamiHerald.com)
ADP Estimates U.S. Companies Cut Fewer Jobs as Recession Eased
Gay Travel Market Reflects Recession Resilience (marketingvox.com)
Recession cuts demand by industries for power (tennessean.com)
Recession forcing horse owners to adopt out or abandon (mydesert.com
For sale: tropical islands at recession-friendly prices (Reuters.com)
Nintendo sees record sales, profits despite recession (networkworld.com)
Economy Beers Give Brewers Lift in Downturn (online.wsj.com)
Recession-Proof Franchises (alibaba.com)
Burger chain thrives despite poor economy (Gazette.net)
(TX) Economy jabs hole in port’s revenue (Chron.com)
Oil Workers Stay Put in a Downturn (BusinessWeek.com)
(WA) Drug-sniffing dog spared pink-slip...for now (Yahoo.com video)
Jobs: A Less Cruel April (BusinessWeek.com)
What to do With Your Investments If You’ve Been Laid Off (wsj blog)
New Hampshire Extends Unemployment Benefits (wcax.com)
Foreclosures aren’t just for subprime buyers anymore (bloomberg/chron)
(OH) House OKs bill to guard renters in foreclosures (daytondailynews)

May 6 2009
Bank of America to need $34 billion in capital: source(Reuters/Yahoo.com)
Judge Orders Unmasking of Chrysler Lenders (washingtonpost.com)
Bernanke Warns of Danger of Credit Market ‘Relapse’ (Bloomberg.com)
U.S. Banks Must Raise Debt Without FDIC to Repay TARP
AIG bonuses four times higher (than first revealed) (Politico Yahoo.com)
Obama’s Plan on Corporate Taxes Unnerves the Indian Outsourcing Industry (NYTimes.com)
Bernanke: Economy should grow again later in 2009 (AP/Yahoo.com)
Crude Near '09 Highs On Economy Recovery Theme (online.wsj.com)
GMAC 1Q Loss Widens On Credit Woes, Weak Economy (wsj.com)
Confidence Among U.S. CEOs Reaches Three-Year High (Bloomberg)
Most in U.S. think economy still in trouble: survey (Reuters.com)
SC man is latest accused recession bank robber (AP/Yahoo.com)
Housing Rebound? Not So Fast (BusinessWeek/Yahoo.com)
Out Of Work And Not Young Anymore (Forbes.com)
West Coast Job Market Woes (economix.blogs.nytimes.com)
Negotiating the Freelance Economy (online.wsj.com)
Contract Jobs, Self-Employment Way Up for Tech (eweek.com)
Bright Spot in Downturn: New Hiring Is Robust (NYTimes.com)
Recession smacks Disney profits; movie division results off 97% (LATimes.com blog)
Ritzy seats at the [US] Open a recession casualty (Newsday.com)
Harley-Davidson sales booming, stock rising (my title) (wsiltv.com)
SC court halts thousands of home foreclosure sales (AP/Yahoo.com)
Microsoft Cuts 3,000 Jobs, Mulls Additional Layoffs (Information Week)
Recession forces new focus in e-commerce marketing (AP)
Recession hits Cummins (diesel manufacturer) hard (fleetowner.com)
Dollar stores thrive in a recession (WorldMag.com)
An upside to the downturn: better customer service (Chron.com)
(AR)Affiliated Foods closing, putting 530 out of work(arkansasonline.com)

May 5 2009
Chrysler bankruptcy has dealers on "razor's edge" (uk.reuters.com)
Chrysler Bankruptcy May Not Dent Economy as Cutbacks Were Set
Fed's Hoenig:Some Evidence Economy No Longer Worsening (wsj.com)
Stocks set to extend gains (money.cnn.com)
Bernanke likely to give less dour take on economy (AP/Yahoo.com)
Warren Buffett: The Economy Will Rebound (abcnews.go.com)
Obama Targets Overseas Tax Dodge (washingtonpost.com)
Goodbye Buys: Seven Stores, Brands You Miss (abcnews.go.com)
Filene's Basement files for Ch. 11 reorganization (AP/Yahoo.com)
Recession fears, gun control changes are fueling skyrocketing firearm sales
Recession can hit hard in families headed by women (usatoday.com)
‘Great Recession’ Will Redefine Full Employment as Jobs Vanish
How Has the Recession Affected Dating? (NYTimes.com blog)
Recession Gardens - Part 1 (wndu.com)
Real estate investor finds upside to the downturn (charlotteobserver.com)
Is the recession suffocating American innovation? (AP)
The Great Recession (theepochtimes.com)
Economic downturn may be behind a rise in DVD rentals  (usatoday.com)
These cities resist recessions, but would you want to live there?
N.C. police flooded with applications in bad economy (wral.com)
(PA) Entrepreneurs get creative, find ways to expand (bizjournals.com)
(NJ) Crime goes up as economy goes down (nj.com)
(HI) Hilton hires back most laid-off workers (bizjournals.com)
Laid-off Mo. factory worker, 65(!), trains to be cop (AP)
Couple are homeless after being laid off (sfgate.com)
In Depth: Worst Big Cities For Jobs (Forbes.com)
Urban ghost town - The emptiest neighborhood in the US (dispatch.com)

May 4 2009
GM could follow Chrysler into bankruptcy: analysts (AFP)
Fiat eyes new company with GM Europe, Chrysler (AP/Yahoo.com)
Warren Buffett Criticizes Bank Stress Tests (NYTimes.com)
Economy buffeting student pilots, flight schools (AP/Yahoo.com)
Ex-Homeowners Turning Aggressive in Efforts to Resist Leaving
(MD) Unemployment hits Eastern Shore hard (baltimoresun.com)
(PA) Creating a lasting green economy (Philly.com)
(MA) Downturn clobbers construction, manufacturing jobs (BostonHerald)
Recession fuels changes in divorce settlements (Star Ledgrt/NJ.com)
Unemployment an epiphany for ex-execs (ChicagoTribune.com)
Recession hits online advertising (my title) (SeekingAlpha.com)
Fed Keeps Its Helping Hand On Economy (online.wsj.com)
Falling Wage Syndrome (NYTimes.com Op-Ed)
DC Downturn's Distant Victims (pictorial) (WashingtonPost.com)
Aviation industry in Kansas is suffering (AP/Forbes.com)
THE INFLUENCE GAME: Lobbyists prosper in downturn (AP)
In Recession, Some See Burst of 'Neighboring' (WashingtonPost.com)
Out-of-Work Copywriter Bares All on Savvy Self-Marketing Site
Rather than seek work, laid-off workers opt to start a business (lvrj.com)
Twitter to find a job (Forbes/Canada.com)
Tough times stress workers; lighter mood saves money (idahobusiness.net)
Older jobless workers face tough sledding (chicagotribune.com)
Vacant foreclosed homes spawn blight, crime (sfgate.com)
(HI) Foreclosure clouds fate of 100 Ilikai workers (AP/Forbes.com)
Despite modifications, foreclosures continue to rise (Credit.com)

May 1 2009
Wyoming Town Has Too Many Jobs, Not Enough People (yahoo video)
New York City plans 13,500 job cuts: officials (Reuters/Yahoo.com)
House passes credit card bill that helps consumers (AP/Yahoo.com)
Chrysler Bankruptcy Will Reopen the Pandora's Box of Counterparty Risk
What does Chrysler's filing mean for GM, suppliers? (usatoday.com)
As Chrysler files, Houston-area dealers are hopeful (chron.com)
Hundreds of layoffs coming to Ford’s Louisville Plant (whas11.com)
Woman allegedly steals $12M  in gold from her company (yahoo video)
NASA to begin layoffs as shuttle retirement nears (uk.Reuters.com)
SEC sues consulting firm for Los Angeles pension agency (latimes.com)
Stocks' big April could be sign of healing economy (AP)
The Economy: More Signs of Spring? (businessweek.com)
IMF's Top Economist: Recession and High Unemployment Likely to Persist (usnews.com)
Financial reforms fly in U.S. House, flop in Senate (uk.reuters.com)
As if school teacher layoffs aren't bad enough, now this (Mercury News)
Millions of couples, retiree taxpayers in for a rude surprise (AP/yahoo)
U.S. small businesses dig in heels as recession bites (uk.reuters.com)
Kentucky Derby Betting May Skid as Recession Hits Horse Country
Recession, Debt Taking Toll On US Casinos (online.wsj.com)
Drop in initial jobless claims sends retail stocks higher (marketwatch.com)
Solutions Providers: Don’t Waste A Good Recession (bsminfo.com)
Starwood (hotels) profits plunge 81 percent (lohud.com)
U.S. Economy: Consumer Spending Slows, Job Cuts Mount (bloomberg.com)
Earnings suffer as big brands feel pinch from economy (chron.com)
(FL) Losing your jobless aid? Bill will add 20 weeks (Orlando Sentinal)
(PA) Fewer employers at packed job fair (philly.com)
Laid-Off Lawyer From Bethesda Fatally Shoots Self (Washington Post)
(WA) Layoffs looming for 3-6k public school employees (seatllepi.com)
Seniors starting over (fortcollinsnow.com)
Could you pass financial stress test? Let’s play the game (AP/thenewstribune.com)

April 30 2009
Chrysler to File for Bankruptcy (WashingtonPost.com)
Economic Decline in Quarter Exceeds Forecast (NYTimes.com)
Sumner Redstone says U.S. on brink of bull market (Reuters.com)
Budget Passes but Critics Say the Deficit Is in the Details (NYTimes.com)
Feds Offer More Public Money to Enable Irresponsible Private Borrowers
(TIME/Yahoo.com) (Ok, so that's MY title, but am I wrong??;)
AP Source: Chrysler lender talks break off (AP/Yahoo.com)
Chrysler Will Fight to Bitter End (Reuters.com)
Bondholders present plan to win GM control (MarketWatch.com)
UBS axed 2,000 U.S. jobs in latest round of cuts (Reuters/Yahoo.com)
Escapism, fantasy mark summer movies in recession (uk.reauters.com)
Recession hits immigrant workforce harder than natives (LATimes.com)
Oil Jumps above $51 on Optimism Recession Slowing (wibw.com)
Flagstaff tattoo industry proves immune to recession (jackcentral.com)
Credit card reform legislation nears passage (AP)
Video Game Targets, Educates Students on Debt, Money Mgt (Reuters)
Recession Takes Toll On Workers’ Waistlines (RedOrbit.com)
Aetna: Recession Helping Drive Up Medical Costs (online.wsj.com)
Study: Recession pushing Illinoisans into poverty (wandtv.com)
Social Gaming Scores in the Recession (BusinessWeek.com)
Economy shrinks 6.1 percent in first quarter (ChicagoTribune.com)
FACTBOX-Obama on the economy on his 100th day (uk.reuters.com)
Rich people feel guilty buying luxury stuff in bad economy (usatoday.com)
Unemployment: 109 cities at 10% or higher (money.cnn.com)
Jobless claims fall unexpectedly (money.cnn.com)
Baltimore Sun journalists laid off while covering baseball game (guardian.co.uk) (Well, at least they weren't in the middle of a surgery;)
Wiped Out: -  Along With Jobs, Laid-Off Lose Photos, Emails (wsj.com)
Layoffs create more full-time dads (Kansas.com)
Layoffs, alternatives, the law and you (bizlex.com)
Stopping the Every-13-Second Foreclosure Clock (huffingtonpost.com)

April 29 2009 
Citi seeking OK to award bonuses - report (WTF?!?) (money.cnn.com)
GM to force more than 1,000 dealers to close (AP/Yahoo.com)
Beyond the Recession: Disease and Terrorism (247WallSt.com/Time.com)
Swine flu fear catching fast in weak world economy (AP)
Commutes Speed Up as Fewer Drive (online.wsj.com)
Chrysler latest: Union eyes majority ownership (USAToday.com)
Consumer confidence soars in April (Spring fever??;) (AP/Yahoo.com)
Remoteness hurts Washington wine town in downturn (AP)
Laid-off boomers flock to 2-year colleges (UPI.com)
March unemployment up in all 120 Kentucky counties (bizjournals.com)
The Tribulations of Some Out-of-Work Boomers (my title) (Bloomberg)
CSX to lay off workers in Buffalo (bizjournals.com)
(ND) Bobcat Lays Off Hundreds In Bismarck, Gwinner (kfytv.com)
(MN) McKnight Foundation gives $10M to ease foreclosure impact
Protesters disrupt foreclosure auctions in Sacramento (sacbee,com)
Metro Detroit property values plunge (Freep.com) ("plunge"?!? - How
much can a $100 house "plunge"?  Answer: Quite a Bit!! ;-)
Project aims to spruce up vacant KC lots while providing jobs and producing food (KansasCity.com)
(NY) Michael Vick "wooed" by "lucrative" job offer (woio.com) (Yeah, it's a slow news day here on Lawn Guyland - what gave it away?;)

April 28 2009
Pandemic-preparedness money stripped from stimulus (USAToday.com)
Honda Forecasts 71% Profit Drop on Car Sales Plunge (Bloomberg.com)
U.S. tells Citi and BofA to increase capital (Reuters.com)
Portfolio Magazine Shut, a Victim of Recession (NYTimes.com)
5 charged in 'nightmare' $70M mortgage scheme (AP/Yahoo.com)
Daimler reaches deal to offload Chrysler (Reuters/Yahoo.com)
Too little, too late for GM and Chrysler (money.cnn.com)
Flu and recession a toxic mix for airlines (uk.reuters.com)
Treasury needs record $361B April-June borrowing (AP/Yahoo.com)
Interning In A Recession: It's Changing (Forbes.com)
The “Downturn Generation” emerges (thecitywire.com)
Outside View: The Great Recession (UPI.com)
Poll: Economy taking toll on hospitals (bizjournals.com)
Boeing CEO: current downturn an 'aberration' (Reuters.com)
Is Now the Time to Buy Global Property? (businessweek.com)
Franchise Sales Pull Back During the Recession (online.wsj.com)
It’s time our economy worked for us all (Op-Ed) (journalgazette.net)
Online Video Ad Growth Seen Slower Due To Downturn (wsj.com)
N.H. convenience stores battle downturn (NHBR.com)
Keeping Jobless Rules Intact, Fla Declines Stimulus Money (nytimes.com)
Don’t be shy about collecting your unemployment benefits! (blogs.ajc.com)
Workers Walk the Plank (Op-Ed) (NYTimes.com)
Corning Hires Laid-Off Staff Amid Signs of Recovery (online.wsj.com)
(WV) Randolph County plant rehires laid off workers (wvgazette.com)
First Student to lay off 660 (bizjournals.com)
Foreclosure Pets: Rate of Abandoned Animals Soars (alternet.org)
Facing foreclosure, landlord allegedly looked to arson (seattlepi.com)

April 27 2009
GM To Cut 21,000 Hourly Jobs, Eliminate Pontiac Brand (online.wsj.com)
Union Breakthrough For Chrysler (Forbes.com)
UAW, Chrysler and Fiat reach concession deal (AP/Yahoo.com)
GM Expected to Scrap Pontiac Brand, Cut Jobs (FoxNews.com)
Hot Dog University booming! (ABC News video)
Economy worries grow after flu outbreak (theage.com.au)
Hospitals cutting services, staff amid recession (AP/WQOW.com)
(VT) Recession hitting resettled African refugees hard (Boston.com)
US gun sales surge over Obama, recession fears (news.asiaone.com)
Recession, far from over, already setting records (livemint.com)
(ME) Convenience stores hit hard by recession (Kennebec Journal)
Recession hurts job-hunting teens (NJ.com)
At meeting, Fed to weigh options to revive economy (AP)
Summers Says U.S. Economy to Decline ‘For Some Time’ (Bloomberg)
Out-of-work Boca man puts up a banner at his house: 'Hire me'
Older workers regaining footing (columbusdispatch.com)
Prospectors hope new Calif. gold rush will pan out (baltimoresun.com)
(CA) Fertile ground for joblessness (25%!!) (signonsandiego.com)
As unemployment grows, mortgage payment protection programs gain popularity (LATimes.com)
Coping with unemployment (Phillt.com)
Economists see more job losses, 9.8% unemployment (USAToday.com)
In a dead job market, unemployed bide their time in gyms (SunTimes.com)
(SC) City may lay off four-legged officers (thesunnews.com)
Laid-off worker returns for less pay (News-Leader.com)
As police layoffs near,Toledo area residents fear trouble (toledoblade.com)
Repair businesses thrive in downturn (Boston.com)
Housing downturn moves up to Silicon Valley mansions (LATimes.com)

April 24 2009
Ford posts $1.4 billion loss, on track to break even in 2011 (Reuters.com)
Bank industry to hear results of 'stress tests' (AP/Yahoo.com)
Chrysler's Looming Tag Sale (BusinessWeek.com)
GM's lengthy plant closures will ripple out (AP)
Obama Warns Credit Card Companies New Regulations Are Coming
Poll: More Americans say US is on the right course (!?!) (Boston.com)
Amazon.com Jumps 24%, Resisting Recession (online.wsj.com)
Volcker Says U.S., World in a ‘Great Recession’ (Bloomberg.com)
Economy May Force Obama to Abandon Plan to Overhaul Immigration
Bay Area companies look past recession (sfgate.com)
Bay Area companies taking advantage of downturn (bizjournals.com)
Dot-com collapse prepared Bay Area companies to react to downturn
Recession, health concerns get Americans gardening (UK.Reuters.com)
AutoNation Falters in Downturn (online.wsj.com)
Road trip: Filmmaker brothers cross country to meet recession's victims
UPS profit falls 56% as the global economy ships less (MarketWatch.com)
Hundreds expected, only dozens show at H & M designer event
Frugality, freebies have appeal in down economy (kansas.com)
Jobless claims bounce higher (money.cnn.com)
Bay Area rents decline, fueled by unemployment (MercuryNews.com)
Pa. plots strategy for unemployment fund (Philly.com)
(GA) Jobless rate falls, first time in 20 months (ajc.com)
(TX) Fort Worth to offer down payment assistance on foreclosed homes
(MD) Banks foreclosing on homebuilder (BaltimoreSun.com)
(CA) Mortgage defaults rise but homeowners stay put (LATimes.com)
(CA) Priest becomes savior in foreclosure crisis (cnn.com)
Is the Real "Stress Test" the One Being Applied to We the People?
Sales of existing homes in Illinois rise for 2nd straight month (ChicagoTribune.com)
'Jobless to topless' fair draws hundreds (blogs.usatoday.com)

April 23 2009
New data on jobs, housing signal no recovery near (AP/Yahoo.com)
Freddie Mac CFO Apparently Offs Himself (AP/Yahoo.com)
Sources: GM to shut most US plants up to 9 weeks (AP?Yahoo.com)
President Obama's Bailout Plan Results in Job Losses at General Motors
How to fix the entire U.S. economy faster -- and cheaper -- than Obama
Global recession worst since Depression, IMF says (AP/Yahoo.com)
US acknowledges downturn faults (news.bbc.co.uk)
Long Odds? Three Scenarios for the Economy's Path (online.wsj.com)
Banks Need More Capital If Unemployment Exceeds 10% (cnn.money)
Oil lingers below $49 as recovery hopes wane (AP/Yahoo.com)
Foreclosure leaders focused on 4 states in new metro list (cnn.money.com)
Targeting Credit Card Fees, Obama to Meet CEOs (FoxNews.com)
World economy in severe recession, IMF says (Reuters.com)
Apple, EBay Rise as Spending Holds Up Amid Recession (Bloomberg)
AirTran reports 1st-quarter profit despite recession (AP/USAToday.com)
(NY) Private schools see more financial aid requests (NYDailyNews.com)
Technology + sour economy breed and feed Internet scams (DallasNews)
Upside of a downturn: Dropouts drop back in (msnbc.msn.com)
Unemployed workers struggle with job-seach requirements (seattlepi.com)
Food pantry invites public to experience poverty (lexch.com)
Those doing the layoffs can feel lingering stress (USAToday.com)
Why Sucking Up Won't Save Your Job (abcnews.go.com)
Tribune seeks court OK for layoff, bonus payments (UK.Reuters.com)
After Easter snafus, MA Pike puts toll taker layoffs on hold (boston.com)
Mortgage defaults hit record in state, Bay Area (sfgate.com)
Sen. Feinstein's Husband Cashes In on Crisis (FoxNews.com)

April 22 2009
Treasury asset plan vulnerable to abuse: watchdog (Reuters/Yahoo.com)
GM, Chrysler to get $5.5B more in government loans (AP/Yahoo.com)
Wall Street's Elite Head to Campus -- for Jobs (Time/Yahoo.com)
Geithner defends bank rescue program amid warnings (AP/Yahoo.com)
Official: Chrysler Turned Down Loan Over Exec Pay Limits (AP/foxnews)
Recession fuels worries of U.S. workplace violence (Reuters.com)
U.S. recession linked to more abortions, vasectomies (Reuters.com)
UnitedHealth Shares Drop as Recession Strips Coverage (Bloomberg)
Regional Banks Show No Turnaround In Sight (online.wsj.com)
Soaring U.S. Budget Deficit Will Mean Billions in Bond Sales as Tax Reciepts Collapse (Bloomberg.com)
(FL). St Lucie county declares emergency over economy (AP)
Economy makes tuition a bigger stumbling block (The Record/Freep.com)
More enter job search instead of retirement (Chron.com)
NY gives lift to unemployed with gas card (BizJournals.com)
(OR) Access to unemployment benefits expanded (BizJournals.com)
Rebound in U.S. Exports Is Good News for Economy (SeekingAlpha)
Study details positive economic impact of showbiz (Reuters.com)
NYC Skyscraper in Foreclosure, to be Auctioned (ny.therealdeal.com)
Foreclosure postings surge in Central Texas (Statesman.com)
(MI) Oakwood offers free care to laid-off Ford workers (DetNews.com)
Yahoo! to cut 700 more jobs after plunge in profits (timesonline.co.uk)
The people of the recession are out of work and working on a new life
More being foreclosed into homelessness (Boston.com)
400 granted ownership of vacant properties in Allegheny County

April 21 2009
Bailout fraud cases emerge (surprise, surprise;) (BaltimoreSun.com)
U.S. aims to crack down on credit card issuers (LATimes.com)
Great Depression vs. 'Great Recession' (a comparison) (money.cnn.com)
Business survey shows 'recession is abating' (money.cnn.com)
Roubini: 'suckers rally' to fade amid economy woes (AP/Forbes.com)
Crude Oil Falls a Second Day on Concern Economy Isn’t Recovering
Ocean City tourism determined to wade through recession (Baltimore Sun)
One result of the recession: Less trash (Philly.com)
Feds Confirm Spike in Crime During Economic Downturn (FoxNews.com)
More GM workers laid off as gov't deadlines loom (AP)
Oracle expected to axe jobs -- perhaps 10,000 -- after Sun deal
Shoppers' coupon use soars during recession (tennessean.com)
Clothing swaps popular in recession (abclocal.go.com)
Nordstrom Direct axes 72 in Cedar Rapids and Seattle (gazetteonline.com)
Welfare cuts could increase downturn (MontereyHerald.com)
AmEx, Capital One Profit May Fall With Employment (Bloomberg.com)
No spring surge for Oregon workers (OregonLive.com)
Fallback jobs leave more unemployed out of work (WQAD.com)
68 laid-off John Deere workers getting their jobs back (WQAD.com)
(MO) KMBC Viewer Helps Unemployed Man Find Job (KMBC.com)
(MA) US gives $54m to state unemployment fund (Boston.com)
Out of Work? Look to Detroit: GMAC Set to Hire 200+ (online.wsj.com)
America's Newest Profession: Bloggers for Hire (online.wsj.com)
(AZ) School districts hand out 5,500 layoff notices (azcentral.com)
(PA) Philly's RDA to turn over 200 foreclosed homes (Philly.com)
Road to recovery: Flippers are out, investors in as foreclosures drive bargains (bizjournals.com)

April 20 2009
GM, Shuttering U.S. Plants, ‘Likely’ to Build Factory in China
US business economists' survey says recession is abating (FinFacts.ie)
Attendance Strong at Coachella Despite the Economy (NYTimes.com)
Southern California office market is hammered by recession (latimes.com)
Wyoming attracting jobseekers during recession (ChicagoTribune.com)
Los Angeles suffers as recession stings airport (ChicagoTribune.com)
(AL) Mental health misery follows recession (AL.com)
Struggling economy beefs up bartering (lansingstatejournal.com)
Recession leads to high demand of public dentistry (contracostatimes.com)
Recalling the '70s recession (TheDailyStar.com)
US economy facing 'substantial risks' (telegraph.co.uk)
Counties scramble to deal with green pools at foreclosed homes
Even Mongolian goat-herding nomads can't escape foreclosure!(wsj.com)
Downturn shrinks fortunes of Dallas area's super rich (dallasnews.com)
Despite downturn, tech stocks outperform (ChicagoTribune.com)
Freighter shipping environment, employment friendly in MI (cm-life.com)
For New York’s Newly Jobless, $430 Doesn’t Go Far (Newsday.com)
Hired! Freelance to full time (money.cnn.com)
Americans Increasingly Concerned About Retirement Income (Gallup.com)
Creativity can pay off for those facing emergencies without savings
Police dogs laid off! (blogs.dailymail.com)
"In An Instant We Had No Money" (officialwire.com)

                                  Bonus Weekend Edition
The Great Recession: America Becomes Thrift Nation (Time/Yahoo.com)
How to Get Next Year's Tax Refund Now (Kiplinger.com/Yahoo.com)
Mortgage Fraud Crackdown Is Gathering Steam in Florida (Time.com)
Love in the time of recession (Yahoo.com)
Portland landlords, tenants take their lumps in downturn (OregonLive.com)
Recession and high prices bring on new California gold rush (Yahoo video)
Videogame Sales Take Big Hit In March (crn.com)
Volcker says economy recovery a "long slog" (Reuters.com)
Southeastern States Are Hit Hard By Recession (Time.com)
Foreclosures Spread To Detroit Suburbs (NPR.org)
Amish workers hit hard by recession (ChicagoTribune.com)
TEA Party about more than taxes (kaufmanherald.com)
Fla. jobless rate hits 9.7% - highest since 1975 (miamiherald.com)
Venture capital funding hit by recession (LATimes.com)
Garage sales flourish in recession economy (Freep.com)
Recession prompts growth in wardrobe adjustments (NYDailyNews.com)
Top 25 People To Blame For The Financial Crisis (Time/NYDailyNews)
Recession has consumers making repairs (AP/pennlive.com)
(CT)No recession in child-care Need seen for more openings in Waterbury(rep-am.com)
Has California finally hit the wall? (napavalleyregister.com)
With economy stalling, more see used books, music as resources (mercurynews.com)
Rising unemployment infects Western states in March (Reuters/Forbes)
Silicon Valley jobless rate jumps to 11 percent (mercurynews.com)
(DE) Upswing in a downturn (delgazette.com)
Bernanke says credit downturn to do lasting harm (Reuters.com)
Downturn threatens L.A.'s Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (LATimes.com)

April 17 2009
WTC construction could be delayed for decades (AP/Yahoo.com)
JPMorgan Takes $711 Million Writedown on High-Risk Legacy Loans
Recession forces unraveling Ponzi schemes into the open (usatoday.com)
New signs emerge that recession may be easing (AP/Yahoo.com)
Rocked by recession, music festivals are rolling over (LATimes.com)
Poor rappers ... recession takes bite out of hip hop bling (AP/nydailynews)
U.S. Recession Causing Increase In Child Abuse Reports (redorbit.com)
Wall Street Rallies On Employment Data, Strong Corporate Earnings
Jobless Claims Suggest Recession’s End Could Be Near (blogs.wsj.com)
U.S. Cities Where It's Hardest To Get By (Forbes/Yahoo.com)
Recession won't end soon, says Wal-Mart CEO (WalletPop.com)
Google CEO:Co 'Absolutely' Feeling Impact of Weak Economy (wsj.com)
U.S. Economy: Jobless Claims Fall, Housing Stabilizes  (Bloomberg.com)
Where Is the Global Economy Heading? (economix.blogs.nytimes.com)
Atlanta Fed president sees encouraging signs in economy (bizjournals.com)
(WV) Morgantown Economy Continues Strong (statejournal.com)
Newsroom Employment Drops to Lowest Level Since 1978 -- But Online Jobs Up (editorandpublisher.com)
(VA) Unemployment Rate Hits 17.7% In February (dnronline.com)
(WA) Men lose jobs in disproportionate numbers (seattlepi.com)
Reaching Out to Recruiters in a Down Economy (online.wsj.com)
Ohio to give prisoners laid-off janitors' jobs (AP)
Laid-off Illinoisans get another 13 weeks of help (AP/Forbes.com)
300 Toledo city workers could be laid off (foxtoledo.com)
How telecommuters can steer clear of layoffs (nwsource.com blog)
Wall Street loses 3,100 jobs in March- state data (Reuters.com)
RealtyTrac: Arizona No. 2 for foreclosures (bizjournals.com)

April 16 2009
Mall Mogul Files Biggest RE Bankruptcy in US History (Bloomberg.com)
JPMorgan Chase posts better-than-expected profit (AP/Yahoo.com)
Falling housing starts dampen recovery hopes (Reuters/Yahoo.com)
GM pushes faster plan to cut U.S. dealers: sources (Reuters/Yahoo.com)
Fed regional report shows signs of hope for economy (McClatchy/Yahoo)
U.S. foreclosure filings jump as moratoriums end (Reuters.com)
(FL) Recession causes more to turn to food stamps (jacksonville.com)
(OH) Not Even Healthcare is Recession Proof (WCPN.com)
Global Confidence at 11-Month High as Credit Thaws (Bloomberg.com)
Empty spaces in the supply chain (LATimes.com)
With economy weak, low inflation is likely to last (AP/kansascity.com)
GE: Banking on a brighter economy (money.cnn.com)
Starting up a business in a down economy (kansas.com)
Joy in Meadville: 'Tool City' Weathers Downturn  (online.wsj.com)
Like a weed, downturn sinks roots into U.S. farms (Reuters.com)
Southern California Home Sales Jump Amid Foreclosures (Bloomberg)
FICO launches "comprehensive solution" to foreclosure problem
School's Out for Latest Foreclosure Victim (abcnews.go.com)
US Foreclosure Filings Climbed to Record in 1st Quarter (Bloomberg)
General Growth files for bankruptcy protection (Reuters.com)
Celebs in Foreclosure Slideshow! (nydailynews.com)
Laid-Off Corporate Pilot Helped Passenger Land King Air(aero-news.net)
LAUSD Board Votes To Lay Off 5,400 (ncmonline.com)
Dope Fiend Landlords Thrive in the Housing Crisis (ncmonline.com)
(IL) Daley warns of 1600 city-worker layoffs (suntimes.com)

April 15 2009
Time running out to save GM (Freep.com)
Chrysler's debt could derail Fiat deal, bailout funds (USAToday.com)
Fiat CEO warns Chrysler unions, cut costs or we walk (Reuters.com)
L.A. school board OKs cuts that could lay off thousands (LA Times blog)
Nurse Laid Off During Surgery (myfoxchattanooga.com)
Despite housing downturn, renters get no relief (AP/msnbc.com)
At Six Flags, bankruptcy could mean a 'success bonus' (LA Times blog)
AP IMPACT: Feds pay farmers to till arid land (AP)
More Layoffs Coming at Yahoo (businessweek.com)
Recession may be fueling right-wing extremism (CNN.com)
Recession far from over, Obama says (USAToday.com)
Yen, Dollar Strengthen on Concern Global Recession Is Deepening
LA mayor: recession taking 'terrible' toll (MercuryNews.com)
Recession hits ‘Housewives,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy’(MSNBC.com)
Recession leaves funeral business in grave state (CNN.com)
Will Manufacturing Data Signal Recession’s Low Point? (blogs.wsj.com)
Ban fears, recession boost gun sales (delmarvanow.com)
Autos won't lead Michigan economy again, report says (Freep.com)
Bad Economy May Fold Britney Spears's Circus Tent (People.com)
It's official: Oregon won't be the same ever again (blog.oregonlive.com)
Joblessness up to 14% in Oregon (illinois-valley-news.com)
WA failing the unemployment stress test (blog.seattletimes.nwsource.com)
(SC) Wasn't one George W. Bush enough? (charlestoncitypaper.com)
Prosecutions Lag as N.Y. Foreclosure Frauds Surge (NYTimes.com)
Banks Ramp Up Foreclosures (online.wsj.com)
Sacramento in top 10 for foreclosure notices (bizjournals.com)
(MI)Foreclosures Continue To Drive Rise In Area Home Sales (wwj.com)
Rust Belt city envisions smaller future (inman.com)
(IL) Recession blow 'staggering' (suburbanchicagonews.com)

April 14 2009
IRS will allow no-penalty withdrawals from IRAs (detnews.com)
(NY) Unions Go on Attack Over Paterson’s Layoff Threat (nytimes.com)
Phishing Attacks Surge Amid Recession (BusinessWeek.com)
Recession has more people sabotaging their coworkers (WNCT.com)
Tech jobs hammered by recession (MercuryNews.com)
How to Green Your Layoff (lifestyle.msn.com)
Economy dampens hope of a comfortable retirement (AP)
Peterbilt in Madison lays off 390 (bizjournals.com)
Even in slump, economy offers opportunities (Bradenton.com)
Creditors File Bankruptcy Petition Against Madoff (online.wsj.com)
Recession causing lawyer layoffs at big firms (AP)
Goldman profit beats forecasts (Reuters.com)
Recession knocks VC funds to 5 1/2-year low (SFGate.com)
Poll shows 71% trust Obama to fix the economy (LATimes.com)
U.S. economy may face ‘double dip’ recessions (nashvillecitypaper.com)
Oregon's jobless rate soars to 12.1% in March (AP//SeattleTimes)
(IL) Jobless wave continues through suburbs (DailyHerald.com)
Woman finds herself out of work but not(out of) ideas (oregonlive.com)
A job at Starbucks, working for the perks (stltoday.com)
For Potential Renters, Foreclosure No Longer Means Denial (wsj.com)
U.S. Housing Secretary Stakes Out Middle Ground On Foreclosures
(UK) Landlord Uses Facebook To Evict Tenants (hardocp.com)
Fired executive evicted from Lake Bluff home (suburbanchicagonews.com)
Bankruptcies surge despite law meant to curb them (AP)
Ford seen on brighter path despite rough road (LATimes.com)
US downturn hits schoolchildren (news.bbc.co.uk)

April 13 2009
U.S. Treasury directs GM to prep for bankruptcy filing: report (Reuters)
Recession Now Hits Jobs in Health Care (online.wsj.com)
Retirees turn to their tech-savvy children for job search help (Yahoo video)
Long Island Works Coalition may have to close (Newsday.com)
No Job,No Diploma:Recession Hurts Special Ed Students (Foxnews.com)
Diabetics skimp on lifesaving care in recession (AP)
Mid-America states resilient in recession (LA Times/HeraldNet.com)
Recession hits New York brides (UPI)
The Way to Fight a Recession (<--Good article:) (Boston.com)
2010 Mercedes E-Class has 50,000 orders so far—WHAT recession?
World Economy Falling Faster Than in 1929-1930 (caps.fool.com)
History students connect lessons from Depression (dallasnews.com)
Creamations Rise Due to Economy and Other Factors (ozarksfirst.com)
Sacked workers increasingly sue (ajc.com)
Longer Unemployment for Those 45 and Older (NYTimes.com)
(WV) Workers' comp provides millions for unemployment (dailymail.com)
Dual-income couples face reality of unemployment times 2 (GoErie.com)
(NH) Child-support collections down (nashuatelegraph.com)
Travel discounts for the jobless (!) (ChicagoTribune.com)
(NY) Jobless East Hampton woman advertises herself on billboard
(CA)LB woman took being laid off as an opportunity (presstelegram.com)
Laid-off moms learn what they've been missing (AP/connpost.com)
Weighing Furlough vs. Layoff  (online.wsj.com)
WARN Act may be revised to cover more layoffs (MiamiHerald.com)
Cliffs to slash coal output, affecting 355 jobs (AP/Forbes.com)
(OH) Catholic parish wonders if this Easter could be its last (AP/usatoday)
S&P cuts GM, Chrysler debt ratings on bankruptcy fears (bizjournals.com)

                             *Weekend Bonus Edition*
    "Because the recession DOESN'T take the weekend off!!!"


North Carolina, Colorado Banks Shut as 2009 Failures Reach 23
Federal budget deficit sets March record (AP/Yahoo.com)
Recession Upends Seasonal Job Market in Beach Towns (online.wsj.com)
Jobless Rush to Nevada Gold-Mining Town (online.wsj.com)
What recession? Places like Sioux Falls, S.D., prove resilient (latimes.com)
Tattoo parlor: Business proves recession proof (salemnews.net)
Waterfowl hunting is a boon to economy, report finds (LA Times blog)
Dollar Advances on Optimism Worst of U.S. Economic Crisis Over
What U.S. Workers Are Saying About the Economy (NY Times blog)
Economy aside, employers still hiring (St.Louis Post-Dispatch)
How Old Is Too Old to Work? (abcnews.go.com)
Why is government immune to downturn? (Daily Herald LTE)
The market for lawyers, red hot just a year earlier, has turned cold
Airlines expected to post steep first-quarter losses (star-telegram.com)
Energy revenue keeps Oklahoma properties warm (newsok.com)
Garment Valet - an entrepenuerial success story amidst the recession
(My title) (NYTimes.com)
Foreclosure!, Foreclosure!, Foreclosure!, Florida!, Florida!, Florida!
(bizjournals, bizjournals, bizjournals.com) *6* seperate links!
Chrysler Likely Broken Up If Bankruptcy Filed -S&P (online.wsj.com)

April 10 2009
Dogged Pursuit: Professionals Find New Livelihood Selling Frankfurters
U.S. recession to end in H2 but unemployment to rise: survey (Reuters)
In This Recession, Men Drop Out (Forbes.com)
Recession reduces demand for H1-B workers (pittsburghlive.com)
More States Look to Raise Taxes (online.wsj.com)
As Stocks Surge, Fears Linger About the Economy (NYTimes.com)
US Homeless Problem Made Worse By Bad Economy (voanews.com)
Will the economy permanently affect the way we shop? (mercurynews)
Protesters turn Lawrence Summers’ economy lunch into Jerry Springer show (features.csmonitor.com)
Plasma donations up during slump in economy (kyma.com)
Bad economy boosts interest in military (citizen-times.com)
In a Downturn, More Act as Their Own Lawyers  (NYTimes.com)
Economic downturn is sunny for Hyundai (freep.com)
Despite Economy, Americans Continue to Splurge on Pets (voanews.com)
Companies that Fight Click Fraud Enjoy the Downturn (blogs.wsj.com)
U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Fell to 654,000 Last Week (Bloomberg.com)
More Squatters Are Calling Foreclosures Home (NYTimes.com)
Preparing foreclosed homes filling void (mercurynews.com)
1st MI-based Web auction site for foreclosed homes launches (freep.com)
Positive signs stir hopes economy is bottoming out (Boston.com)
Bankruptcy forces Joe’s to close all its stores (theoutlookonline.com)
With More Rooms Empty, Hotels Seek to Cut Worker Pay (nytimes.com)
Poll: Most prefer GM, Chrysler bankrupt than borrowing more (freep.com)
Men Turn to Pink Undergarments to Perk Up in Recession (softpedia.com)

April 9 2009
Next bailout: Life insurance gets lifeline from taxpayers (McClatchy)
Recession Anxiety Seeps Into Everyday Lives (NYTimes.com)
American drivers setting their cars on fire to avoid payments (Yahoo video)
Weak crop prices end feast in farm states (AP)
Recession slows some U.S. state income tax refunds (Reuters.com)
Analyst: Recession tougher on smaller employers (AP/Forbes.com)
GM Pensions May Be ‘Garbage’ With $16 B at Risk (Bloomberg.com)
U.S. recession to ease but industry set to crumble (Reuters.com)
Worst Recession Since the Great Depression (ThePacifican.com)
Liquidation Business Booming In Recession (4029tv.com)
L.A. starts buying up foreclosed homes with federal aid (LATimes.com)
Don’t Mistake Slower Economic Slide for Rebound (Bloomberg.com)
Good news for renters: Apt. vacancies rise, rents fall (Reuters.com)
Bailouts working about as well as I predicted (AFP)
U.S. central bank surprised by downturn (cbc.ca)
(NC) Downturn means cheaper land for affordable housing (wral.com)
(CA) Great news for renters, bad news for landlords (Redding.com)
What the future holds for landscape architects (djc.com)
FOX orders real-life 'Someone's Gotta Go' layoff competition series
NY union bosses say layoffs would threaten lives (newsday.com)
Country Coach to lay off 460, slim down business model (bizjournals.com)
Laid-off U.S. workers finding new jobs, less pay (Reuters.com)
Allen County Police Officer Busy Processing Evictions and Foreclosures
Dallas Fed: 10% U.S. unemployment possible (bizjournals.com)
Should Public Pension Plans Go Toxic? (BusinessWeek.com)
Chemical giant LyondellBasell to slash 3,000 jobs (AP)

April 8 2009
Foreclosure aid program lacks results  (AJC.com)
Bidders' bounty? Storage unit auctions on the rise (AP/Yahoo.com)
Recession spurs egg and sperm donations (Boston.com)
Recession Fuels Readers’ Escapist Urges  (NYTimes.com)
Nursing: The Recession-Proof Job? (AP/Foxnews.com)
Too Old for Foster Care, and Facing the Recession (NYTimes.com)
Survey: Business Leaders Say US Economy to Get Worse (voanews.com)
In an ailing economy, the doctor can wait (LATimes.com)
$1 million worth of fixtures vanish from foreclosed home (signonsandiego)
State lawmakers focus on renters rights' in foreclosures (Newsday.com)
Chase CEO: No profit on credit-card biz this year (BizJournals.com)
Unemployment Will Hurt Bank Credits (Forbes.com)
After layoffs, many workers go back to school (USAToday.com)
Laid-off adults join teens in line for summer jobs (BostonHerald.com)
U.S. carmakers at 70 percent risk of bankruptcy: Moody's (Reuters.com)
GM Bankruptcy Plan Developing as Board Seeks Savings (Bloomberg)
Americans slash credit-card borrowing (CSMonitor.com)
Building downturn brings higher auction sales of used equipment
Amid slump, one part of downtown remains hot (latimesblogs.latimes.com)
Glut of Goods Is Easing (online.wsj.com)
United Opens Talks With 88% of Workers as Slump Grips Airline
Fed's Fisher says U.S. economy grim (Reuters.com)

April 7 2009
Layoffs not an option for some businesses (AP)
GM Bankruptcy Plan Said to Speed Up as Board Seeks Savings Goal
Ford slashes debt by $9.9bn (CityAM.com)
Recession adds urgency to Social Security fix (USA Today blog Op-Ed)
Optimism on U.S. economy up: poll (Reuters.com)
AIG's asset management division gets bidders (Reuters.com)
(OH) Prison employees escape layoffs (Dispatch.com)
Freezing The Pay Of Everyone In America (247WallSt.com)
Buying American: Helpful or hurtful for the struggling U.S. economy?
Envisioning the post-recession economy (LATimes.com)
Economy Falling Years Behind Full Speed (NYTimes.com)
Raising Grandchildren in a Recession (well.blogs.nytimes.com)
Depression-era tips for the recession (Chicago Tribune blog)
Fed's Warsh says U.S. economy in state of "panic" (Reuters.com)
Oregon’s economy continues downturn (BizJournals.com)
With parents laid off, teens work and adapt (Tennessean.com)
Unemployment Benefits to End Soon for Many Americans (AllGov.com)
When Joblessness Becomes Homelessness (247WallSt/Time.com)
Tech layoffs accelerate in first quarter (blogs.zdnet.com)
(IL) 22 firms plan mass layoffs (SunTimes.com)
California Foreclosures Jeopardize Renters as Banks Seize Homes
Cashing In on the Foreclosure Boom (WashingtonIndependent.com)
10 Things To Buy Before The Economy Improves (Forbes.com)
Ranks of homeless swell as middle class teeters (SFGate.com)
U.S. lawmaker plans law to curtail risky mortgages (Reuters.com)

April 6 2009
Bad economy holds highway deaths to 1960s levels (AP)
Recession taking toll on better educated workers (Newsday.com)
Recession erodes conveniences shoppers got used to (AP/Yahoo.com)
New G.M. Chief Doesn’t Rule Out Bankruptcy  (NYTimes.com)
Frugality Forged in Today's Recession Has Potential to Outlast It (WSJ)
US- 13.2 Million Unemployed (NYTimes.com Op-Ed)
Jobs Report Offers No Sign of Light at End of Tunnel (ZNet.com)
Despite downturn, 2008 was record year for sales of high-end homes
(IN) State's unemployment comp fund insolvent (TheStarPress.com)
U.S. to unveil new effort to fight foreclosure, loan scams (Market Watch)
In down economy, trailer parks are given second glance (NJ.Com)
Recession could create new generation of savers (ChicagoTribune.com)
Ripples of the recession (AZCentral.com)
Recession outlasts even extended jobless benefits (Tri-CityHerald.com)
Experts brace for new wave of foreclosures (MyDesert.com)
Idle U.S. Steel plant leaves NE Texans in agonizing suspense (DallasNews)
Laid-off banker finds work as Obama Look-Alike (CNN.Com)
DFW's 'modern survivalists' are ready for layoffs - or war (Star-Telegram)
(WA) College retraining programs run out of money (nwsource.com)
U.S. May Keep Losing Jobs After Unemployment Hit 25-Year High
Marriage ruling may boost Iowa economy (DesMoinesRegister.com)
Is the economy a factor in recent shootings? (CSMonitor.com)
As Economy Is Down, Vitamin Sales Are Up (NYTimes.com)
How did so many experts get their forecasts so wrong? (Las Vegas Sun)

April 3 2009
Former AIG chairman says rescue failed (SmartBrief.com)
Layoffs rise despite hope recession is easing (AP)
Recession hits male workers more (LATimes.com)
Recession provides big break for New York artist (Reuters.com)
Recession grinds away at business jet orders (MontealGazette.com)
Jobs Report: What’s Next After An Ugly March? (blogs.wsj.com)
Cookbook sales rise with recession (AP)
U.S. Economy: Jobless Claims Highest Since 1982 (Bloomberg,com)
Michigan Economy Nearing Life Support (FoxNews.com)
As the Foreclosed Move Out, First-Time Buyers Move In (NYTimes.com)
Renters of foreclosed properties deserve fair warning KansasCity.com)
Zillow: Foreclosures "make the market look worse"? (LA Times blog)
System Alerts Renters If Home In Foreclosure (TampaTrib.com/tbo.com)
Loan modifications rise; many don't pare payments (AP)
Fla. Realtor uses boat to take clients on tours of foreclosed homes
Flint public schools to lay off 257 teachers (AP/ChicagoTribune.com)
Signs recession nears bottom, but layoffs persist (AP/MercuryNews.com)
(VA) DOT workers got $3.65M  in bonuses in `08 (HamptonRoads.com)
Facing eviction, renter overwhelmed by offers of help (CNN.com)
MBTA Worker, Paid $55K to "basically do nothing" (thebostonchannel)
Farm could make Detroit hot spot for fresh foods (Freep.com)
Lenders slash credit for responsible borrowers (USAToday.com)

April 2 2009
U.S. seen facing danger of 2nd recession next year (Reuters.com)
Feds seize Madoff's mansion, yacht, small boat (AP/FoxNews.com)
G20 leaders craft crisis response (Reuters.com)
PayPal Says Online Fraud Rising in Recession (blogs.wsj.com)
Now playing: A mortgage scam warning, directed by the Fed (Reuters)
Midwest economy shows deep recession (KansasCity.com)
Older workers, hurt by recession, seek new jobs (AP/MercuryNews.com)
Deltona, FL sees surge in commercial development (news-journalonline)
The Hunter S. Thompson of real estate (LATimes.com)
Officials wary of requesting tax hikes in poor economy (Boston.com)
Website offers help for those stressed-out by recession (SAMHSA.gov)
Major automakers report steep drops in U.S. sales (MiamiHerald.com)
Contemplating the Deepest, Most Synchronized Recession of Our Lives
Recession cuts wide swath of financial agony (CourierPostOnline.com)
One Nonprofit's Solution To Housing Foreclosures  (online.wsj.com)
Foreclosure Auctions More Frequent in San Diego (SanDiego6.com)
A kinder, gentler eviction process for Cook County (ModBee.com)
Unemployment Jumps Another Half Percent (SeekingAlpha.com)
After the layoff, a struggle to fill the time void (AP)
Economic woes follow Michigan workers out of state (DetNews.com)
Exide Violated Federal Law Requiring 60-Day Notice (TriCities.com)
U.S. private sector axes 742,000 jobs in March (Reuters.com)

April 1 2009
Exposed: True bailout procedure revealed! (YouTube.com)
Home Prices: Low, But Still No Bargain (online.wsj.com)
Older workers, hurt by recession, seek new jobs (AP)
Recession? Not in Albany (NY Tines Op-Ed)
Boats Too Costly to Keep Are Littering Coastlines (NYTimes.com)
U.S. recession easing but no bottom yet (Reuters.com)
Obama Said to Find Bankruptcy Likely for GM, Chrysler (Bloomberg)
Recession hits Social Security increases (AP)
U.S. Economy: Consumer Confidence Near a Record Low (Bloomberg)
Recession turns US trucker shortage to surplus (CargoNewsAsia.com)
U.S. space industry not yet seeing economic slowdown (Reuters.com)
To lift the U.S. economy, lift sanctions on America's foes (Ithaca Journal)
Gold steady as traders eye G20 for direction (Reuters.com)
OECD sees bleaker future for U.S. (WashingtonTimes.com)
RealtyTrac(R) Launches New Renter Foreclosure Alerts (Fox Business)
Foreclosures increase for prime borrowers (LA Times blog)
Adults Trim Spending, Save to Brace for Job Loss (online.wsj.com)
At 'Unemployment Olympics,' they go for the silver lining (CNN.com)
Walgreens offers care to laid-off workers (BizJournals.com)
Cessna planning more layoffs (Kansas.com)
Living on the borderline (nptelegraph.com)
Sun Microsystems layoffs 1,500 Workers (IBTimes.com)
(VT)New manufacturer plans to lease vacant IBM space (Fox44.net)
On the Other Side of 25,000 Evictions (WNYC.org)
After 24 years, businessman receives eviction notice (ContraCostaTimes)

8/8/09 - Ok, I confess....I suppose I could still find the time to update Recession-News despite being employed full-time, but
THIS is the reason it ain't happenin' ;-p  This stupid little game,
a massively multiplayer online empire-building and conquest
strategy game that runs in your browser, (and yes, it's 100% free;-) has managed to get me addicted, thus eating up most of
my free time.  I call the game stupid and little, but it's really neither - I just have a love-hate relationship with it.  It can be a
a lot of fun, yet at the same time, can be exasperating for those
without patience.  I've been playing it for about the last 5-6 weeks.  Check it out!

                It's Official.  The Recession is Over. 
(Well, for ME anyway)  Sorry about my loooong absence here and the complete lack of updates for the past three weeks, but as of about three weeks ago, I have gone from being unemployed to overemployed, with O/T
nearly every day and even some O/T on the weekends.  In short, while it's
certainly a great relief to finally land a F/T job w/health insurance and take-
home company vehicle after seven months of self-financed unemployment, I've gone from one extreme to the other - from waaayy too much time on my hands, to not enough.  Therefore, I have given up trying to update this site - it's simply not gonna work with my hours.

I want to thank my loyal readers and all those who visited here during the
precipitous downturn of the first half of this year.  While the recession is far from over for many, here on Long Island, it seems to be abating, companies
seem to be back in hiring-mode(I got a 2nd job-offer last week, but had to turn it down).

I am now actively seeking a "spare job" - one that can quickly ramp-up to
F/T or nearly F/T on short notice, should something happen with my present
job.  I've learned something from my experience, and that is, in this economy
especially, one should strive to obtain a spare job with built-in F/T potential,
rather than work a weekend or weekend-day at one's present job.  IMHO,
you are MUCH better off in the LONG run working for "straight-time" at
another employer, then you are working for time-and-a-half with your present one.  Firstly, having a spare job insulates you from sudden job loss at your "main" job, especially when your carefully-chosen spare job can quickly
get you up working F/T without missing a beat.  Secondly, the amount of money you lose working straight-time one day a week vs time and a half, pales in comparison to what losing your *only* job will cost you in very short order.

In this day and age, there is no longer such a thing as job-security, and I
urge everyone to take their own job-security into their own hands, and proactively secure secondary employment with F/T potential, even if you do not presently need the money. 

I know my cynicism is colored by my experiences, but I also would further
urge folks not to get too "invested"(emotionally, financially, ect) in any one job or career, no matter HOW good things seem to be going for you.  You should always assume that losing your job is a possibility, and Murphy's Law
will likely also play a role in any such event,  Plan accordingly.

You wouldn't drive without a spare tire, but in these "interesting times", I'd
suggest not only having a spare job, but a spare home and, if you can, a spare citizenship and passport as well.

I won't be updating the recession news on this site anymore (under the present circumstances), but will drop in from time to time and write articles
on subjects of interest to me(and hopefully, some of my readers as well),such as:

Real estate investing, focusing on super-cheap(under $25k) homes, rural
bug-out properties, farmsteads, survivalist doomsteads, economic bomb shelters.

The renting vs owning debate - and factors pro-renters often overlook.

Self-sufficient and frugal living.

Alternative, offbeat, off-the-grid living.

Intentional communities.

Economic survival, and ways to achieve financial independence with very
little capital to invest.

Alternative energy sources (wind, solar, water).

These are among my strongest interests, and I hope to find time to write articles, invite others to pen their own, and maybe start a forum here. 

I would also consider selling this domain, and let someone else pick up where I left off. - Soeren

PS: Feel free to email me @ soeren "at" recession-news.us