Recession-News.Us is a new site(launched on 2/18/09) that provides links to the latest news and opinion articles on the growing recession and all major facets of our economy that are
affected by it, such as foreclosures, unemployment, the stability of the banks, and the availability(or lack thereof) of credit.

Although I try to always post the original, unaltered article title, I there are basically 2 kinds of circumstances in which I may deviate from that policy:

1)When the need for brevity compells me to shorten it.

2) When the article is(IMO) via a misleading title, blatantly trying to put lipstick on a pig, and blithely tries pass off a turd onto the general public, thinking all of us must be stupid enough to swallow it without question, I reserve the right to point out the obvious by altering the title, if sufficiently inspired/liquored-up/angry to do so.

I am not a journalist or reporter, but rather an unemployed
ambulette driver here in Suffolk County, Long Island, and a
neophyte real estate investor who bought his first 2 out of state properties last year, so in those regards, I am very much on the "front lines" of this economic storm - which probably explains my newly aquired interest in economics, the recession, job-losses and the declining real estate market.

I have also recently started a blog at:

where I'll be posting news and opinion articles and commenting on them(and you are invited to join in and post comments as well), as well as my own original, self-written articles, rants, raves, ruminations and ramblings.  I also hope to write a few
how-to articles on real estate investing on a budget, unsual housing, frugal living, and self-sufficiency.

You can contact me @ soeren "at" recession-news.us

Thanks for visiting!

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