Links that may be of interest to my visitors
I'm looking to trade links with other sites that are least *somewhat* related, or whos'
product or service would be of interest to a readership concerned about the economy, unemployment, losing their homes to foreclosure,  ect

If you have a web site that you think might be of interest to folks here, and want to
trade links, then:

Create a link on your site titled  but POINT it to:

Email me with link to your page

I will then add a link on my links page to your home/index page(or any page on your
site you specify)

*PLEASE*, no adult, pRoN, warez, hacking, virii, link-farms, illegal downloads, hate sites, roms, meth-cooking, bomb-making, or general ass-hattery, ect, - you get the idea.  I reserve the right to choose sites I feel are appropriate, and decline linking to
sites I feel are not suitable.

Your site can be new, it can be of the amatuerish/"homemade" variety
(such as this site;), that's okay.  As long as it somehow in some way relates to this
site or is of interest to folks that would read this site, I'll probably accept it.
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